All Souls' People

Members of All Souls have come from many different countries and backgrounds:
Barbados, Cameroon, China, Congo, England, Ghana, Nigeria, St. Kitts and Nevis, Scotland and Sierra Leone.
The main Sunday service, The Mass at 11:00, is conducted entirely in English, and all members attend this. In addition, there is a monthly celebration of The Mass at 6pm in French, [find out more]


The Priest in Charge

is The Rev’d Alice Snowden. She has been at All Souls since January 2009, having previously worked in parishes in Bradford, Guiseley and Mirfield. You can contact her as above or you can call at the vicarage, which is next door to the church on Blackman Lane. She is guarded at the Vicarage by 5 dogs but don’t worry – you don’t have to meet them unless you want to! Treasurer

The Churchwardens

are Monica Richardson-Sowe and John Brownlee. Churchwardens have responsibility, amongst other things, for the upkeep of the church building and grounds. If you have any questions about anything in this context, please get in touch with them through the site email address.


The Treasurer

is Dave Horsman. He has the job of keeping track of parish finances and of presenting the accounts annually. He organises the planned giving scheme, and is always happy to receive donations on All Souls’ behalf. You can contact him through the site email address. Treasurer

The Organist

is Keith Senior (left.) He came to All Souls in 2008 and has a long history of playing the organ in church, including at Trinity, Ossett. The organ at All Souls is a very fine example of Abbott and Smith’s work, and Keith is always keen to welcome other organists who would like to experience playing it. You can contact him through the site email address. Isaac Agyeman is his deputy (right.)


There are 9 members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC). It is the PCC’s job, together with the Priest in Charge, to ensure the parish runs smoothly. They meet approximately 10 times a year, and discuss both practical matters and ‘issues’, local, national and international.


Our children’s needs are met both in church and through the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade. (See Services). The Brigade meets on Thursday evenings and currently has a few vacancies. Please contact Jayne Clibbens (2nd from the left!) for more information.

TreasurerLuke Walwyn is our

Church Photographer.

Many of the photos on this site are his (and the rest are Rev’d Alice’s).